We turn your idea of a gym upside down.

A different kind of gym for people serious about results

Everything you need to know

We want to change the way you look at health and fitness. Our techniques go beyond the body and open the mind to experience how your body can truly function. We're inspired by nature, and it's rooted in what we do as a gym and as trainers. We run, jump, crawl, climb and build usable skills that yield results and inspire lasting confidence.

Natural Training

We train naturally with no machines, no shoes, no mirrors and no egos. Our training philosophy will help you increase your strength, speed, and stamina and we will teach you to move instinctively and be self-reliant.

Restoration Yoga

We practice Yoga for restoration and to get stronger, balanced, and aligned. You will learn conscious breathing, improve your posture, and relieve stress & pain.

Plant-Based Nutrition

We eat a Plant-Based Diet to have a healthy body and reduce impact on the planet. Embracing Plant-Based Nutrition will get you lean and reduce inflammation. You will learn the skills and knowledge needed to eat right for you.


Our member's success stories...

Monkey Bar Gym is fully committed to providing the best possible service to our members and clients. We are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some of their comments with you.

It's definitely different than other gyms, and probably not for everyone. But, I think it's a great atmosphere, and a great program for anyone, at any level, as long as they are engaged and committed to the process. I'm really glad to be a member!... Katie B.
Monkey Bar Gym was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I was SO PUMPED when I found this gym. MBG's got the variety and timed workouts in a class environment that I love... Amy G.
Monkey Bar Gym has changed my life on a personal and athletic level. The trainers are knowledgeable and constantly find ways to challenge me to perform better... Kyle C.