30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge is here just in time to get into shape. Get motivated and compete hard to reach your fitness goals. Learn how to train, rebuild and eat right to become an MBG Warrior.

TEAM APPROACH: The 30 Day Challenge requires teams of 5 participants to each team. Accountability is key, so the best way to participate in a challenge is with people that can motivate you. *teams do not have to have the same individuals on their team for consecutive monthly challenges.

POINT SYSTEM: We use a combination of assessments for the challenge point system. Participants can earn their points for attending class, losing body fat (not weight), gaining muscle, and improving their fitness.

TRACKING OF ATTENDANCE: Teams & participants will keep track of the workouts they attend and display their teams attendance on our wall banner so that everyone can see their progress. Monkey Bar Gym's proven approach guarantees results if you show up! The challenge is for 30 days, do you have what it takes to make it to 30?

RECOMMENDED CLASSES PER WEEK: We recommend two Yoga classes (Restoration Training), three Body Power (Natural Strength Training), and three Boot Camp classes (Conditioning Training).

BODY FAT TESTING & PHOTOS: Body fat testing and photos will be taking on the “Day of Transformation” as well as at the end of the 30 Day Challenge. Body fat testing will be done using a biometric device and scale.

NUTRITION: Participants will receive a 3 day juice fast, 2 week cleanse, and additional recipes.

Gather your team and sign up for the next 30 Day Challenge today!