Develop Functional Body Weight Strength & Power

Strength Training incorporates functional strength training, which will help you with all the movements you make every day. This class is your alternative to repetitive weightlifting and is the best way for you to gain high-performing strength. You will learn how to use your own body weight correctly and improve your overall strength and power.

* All our programs are tailored for every individual: Beginners to Advanced!

Types of Exercises

Push Ups

To do this exercise properly, start in Incline Plane and resist the spine & neck up while lowering the body to the ground. Lightly touch the chest and the hips to the ground at the same time and push back up into the top position, then repeat. *Make sure the shoulders & neck do not hunch up towards the ears, keep the shoulders wide across the top, and do not collapse the head down.

Pull Ups

Place the palms on a stationary bar with the palms turned towards the bar. From a dead hang with the feet off the ground, pull the body up until the chest touches the bar. Use control on the way down and repeat. *Make sure the shoulders/neck do not hunch up towards the ears, and also keep the shoulders wide across the top.

Body Weight Squats

To do a proper Squat, start with the feet about shoulder width apart and keep the toes pointed straight ahead. Sit the butt back and down towards the heels while maintaining the 3 basic rules (we teach you this in class). Keep the the heels on the ground during the Squat and maintain full range of motion while bringing your butt to your heels.

Glute-Hamstring Developers

To do this properly, start in the kneeling position on the ground with a pad or soft support underneath your knees for comfort. Use a partner to push down on your calves while you bring your head down to the ground hinging from the hips and sitting back into the movement to make it easier. Keep your body as straight as possible to the top position.

Natural Strength Advantage

Build Usable Functional Strength

The core of MBG Skills Training is the practice of perfecting movement skills: Running, Jumping, Crawling, and Climbing. We apply this practice in our classes to help you build the usable strength that is functional, and can be applied to your daily life. Moving you through our progressions is how you get strong and also who we meet everyone at their fitness level.

Gain High Level Fitness

In order to gain the high level fitness that everyone wants, you must first learn the basics of movement and progression. Once you gain the skill of a movement, we begin to add resistance or speed. To make this method of progression easy, we consecutively use two systems - "Stability > Strength > Power" and "Static > Stable > Unloaded" & "Dynamic > Unstable > Loaded."

Get Toned & Firm

If you train like a body builder, then you will look like a body builder (big & bulky). If you want to get toned and firm, then you have to train without weights. When you use your own body for resistance, you build usable functional strength and put on lean & dense muscle. This is the lean muscle that shrinks your body, allows you to burn more calories, and makes you strong.

Integrate & Strengthen Connections

Working out in an environment that has no machines, using your own body weight for resistance, taking your shoes off to ground yourself, and stepping away from the mirrors to release the ego forces your body to progress naturally. At MBG, we follow what nature does and teach you to optimize the skills you will need to not only survive, but thrive.