Develop Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina & Speed

Put the fun back into your workout! In Conditioning, you’ll learn techniques designed to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, agility and balance. You'll engage every muscle in your body while maintaining a sweat throughout the entire hour. Our high-energy music will keep you moving, even when you think you can’t!

* All our programs are tailored for every individual: Beginners to Advanced!

Types of Movements


The freedom to run is a wonderful gift. This is a movement that most of us do improperly. When done improperly, it will inevitably lead to serious misalignment issues that will leave you unable to run at all. At MBG, we teach you the proper techniques of pulling with the hamstring, keeping the foot flexed, and using the 4 steps to progress running (we teach you this in class).


Besides running freely, jumping is an activity that most kids enjoy doing. At MBG, we are bringing you back to being a kid again. To make sure that you are jumping correctly, we start you off slow and low. Our goal is to help you achieve proper jump progression and teach you the 3 basic rules of jump training.


Climbing is a movement innate in us from birth. Climbing trees, rocks and the couch all were instinctive to us. However, for some unknown reason, most of us have stopped climbing and have lost the basic ability to hold and pull ourselves up and onto things. At MBG, we return you back to the basic pulling mechanics and progress you through the basic movements to the high levels you knew as a kid.


The act of crawling begins in the first months of life and continues throughout our youth. As we grow older and fail to practice the art of crawling we lose the ability to push a car, push away an opponent, and even lose the ability to get up off the ground if we fall. At MBG, you will learn the proper progressions and mechanics necessary to do a push up, press up, and eventually the art of walking on your hands.

Natural Conditioning Advantage

Move Instinctively

Learn to move as you did as a kid and instinctively like an animal. What could be more fun that walking on your hands or swinging from ring to ring? By following our progressions you will learn to move properly off the ground or through the air. Whether your movement is vertical, horizontal, upside down, backwards or forward, we start you off with the basics and progress you to optimal performance.

Be Self Reliant

Being self reliant is more than just doing things for yourself, it's a mind set. To achieve your goals, it's going to take hard work, determination, discipline, and the will to fight off complacency. We are not here to hold your hand or to do the work for you. As your coach, as your trainer, as your friend, we will teach you the skills that are needed to perform better, eat healthier, restore your body, and achieve things you never thought you could.

Get Lean & Defined

The end result of hard work is the thing we are all striving for. Getting lean and defined is a process and can feel like a never ending battle. At MBG we help to alleviate this pain, by taking the traditional model of getting definition (lifting weights) and flipping it upside down. It should never feel easy, but it's definitely going to get better with every class you do.