Develop Instinct-Based, Aggressive Self-Defense Techniques

Krav Maga (pronounced "krahv muhGAH," meaning "contact combat" in Hebrew) is the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli military. The system is simple, practical, aggressive, and based on instinctive movements. Because the techniques are closely aligned with the body's natural instincts, they are easy to learn, and more importantly, easy to remember under stress.

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Types of Techniques

Straight Punch & Palm Heel Strikes

The hand leads the motion. Make sure that the elbow stays down while the shoulder and hips turn forward, keeping the chin down as you punch (rolling the shoulder up as you hit the target). At the end of the punch, the fist rotates to about 45 degrees (varies by individual). The striking surface will also vary by the type of punch (fist, palm heel, eye strike). Always punch through the target (not just the surface) and recoil immediately!

Outside "360" Defenses

For outside 360 defenses, there are four things you need to remember: wrist-to-wrist, blade of your arm, bend in your elbow, and put weight in your defense. 360 is used as a term to reference a circle from the top of your head to just below your groin. Do not think defense, think offense. Train to defend without moving the feet (as though you are late). If you are early, you can always burst in. Look at the center of the attackers chest, and do not follow each strike with your eyes. Use your peripheral vision and react to the movement.

Front Kick Regular & Vertical Target

Swing the leg and hip forward with the knee bent. As the kick develops, unfold the knee and make sure that the hip travels forward. Keep the hands up and point your toes while striking with instep or shin (shin preferred). Always recoil into your fighting stance after making contact. You may lean forward if need be, but control your foot rather than just dropping it down. Kick through the target and do not just kick the surface. Strike through to break!

Choke from the Front Defense

Being choked from the front is never a fun position to be in. To defend, form your hands like hooks and reach in deep (up to your wrists) near the thumbs of the attacker for maximum leverage. Pluck out and slightly backward in one fluid motion (think speed, not strength). Tuck your chin as you pluck and at the same time, make a front kick to the groin. Send the whole leg and make contact with whatever you can (toe, instep, shin, knee, etc.). While finishing the pluck, trap the hands to your shoulders/chest as you counterattack. Always continue with additional combatives to neutralize the threat.

Self-Defense Advantage

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