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Monkey Bar Gym is very active in the fitness community. We have been published in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Outside Magazine, Muscular Development, and Muscle & Fitness to name a few.

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Monkey Bar Gym's News & Press

Only The Strong Survive (Milwaukee Magazine, June 2014)

Kidd O'Shea at Monkey Bar Gymnasium - Part 1 (WISN 12 News, November 2013)

Kidd O'Shea at Monkey Bar Gymnasium - Part 2 (WISN 12 News, November 2013)

Monkey Business (Vegetarian Times, January 2013)

Training Days (Chicago Magazine, November 2011)

Real Milwaukee (Fox 6 News, November 2011)

Get Out of the Gym (Muscle & Fitness, July 2011)

Say Goodbye to the Bench Press (DePaul University, June 2011)

Man vs. Gravity (Muscle & Fitness, March 2011)

Workout of the Month (Men's Fitness, March 2011)

Monkey Around (VegNews, Jan/Feb 2011)

MBG 15/15 Workouts (My Mad Methods)

The Great Fitness Experiment: One year of Trying Everything (Charlotte Hilton Andersen)

Jon Hinds on Vegan Strength Training (Bueller’s Kitchen)

A Workout on the Ropes (Denver Post)

Jiu-jitsu: A Most Powerful Skill (Capital Times)

Back to the Playground (Wisconsin State Journal)

Monkeying Around for Fitness (Calgary Herald)

Audio Interview with Jon and Bobby Hinds (MP3 file)

Wall Street Journal article about NFL Star Tony Gonzalez!

On Track as a Trainer (Wisconsin State Journal)

The Secret to Feeling Great (Air America)

Audio Interview on Natural Training (Kettlebells for Combat)

Interview with Jon on the Kathleen Show (The Kathleen Show)

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