Personalized Strategy, Benchmarking, and Customized Plan of Action

Monkey Bar Gym offers two personal training programs, and each provides flexibility that includes highly-customized workout sessions to help you meet your goals. Our personal training programs are specific to your needs and allow us to provide you with real, measurable results. All our trainers are certified through accredited Certified Natural Trainer (CNT) courses.

* All our programs are tailored for every individual: Beginners to Advanced!

Types of Training

Personal & Group Training

Recommended for non-athletes with goals related to weight loss, getting back in shape or medical needs. Personal training sessions are structured in three ways, one-on-one, group training (2-5 people per/session), or personal-group training (6-20 people per/session).

Sports Specific

Recommended for athletes of all sports and ages who have goals related to athletic performance or endurance. Sports-specific training sessions are structured in three ways, one-on-one, group training (2-5 athletes per/session), and team training (6-20 athletes per/session).

Personal Training Advantage

Regardless of whether you're looking to lose weight or train for a marathon, our sessions will include the following.

Benchmarking & Strategy

Physical tests to benchmark your current fitness ability for strength, stability, power, endurance, and body fat. Based on your testing and goals, we specifically chart a customized path from your current state of fitness to your ideal state.

Goal Setting

Whether your goals are short or long-term. Whether you want to gain performance, incrrease strength or conditioning. Our hands on approach will help you achieve results. Using SMART goals (Specific > Measurable > Attainable > Realistic > Timely), engaging our program, and following your action plan, you will surely achieve the results you are looking for.

Training & Nutrition Plan

An integral part of your personalized strategy, we structure a well-paced and challenging training and nutrition plan. Whether you are an athlete or non-athlete alike, both plans will work in conjunction with eachother.

Pain-Free Training & Consistant Updates

Our certified trainers use active alignment techniques to reduce or completely eliminate pains from your body, and analyize your daily results to help you stay on course and peform at your best.