Get Lean, Reduce Global Impact, & Eat Plant-Based Foods

Monkey Bar Gym promotes a whole food plant-based diet for healthy people and a healthy planet. By embracing plant-based nutrition, you will get leaner & healthier and reduce impact on the planet. We will teach you the skills needed to eat right for yourself.

* All our programs are tailored for every individual: Beginners to Advanced!

Plant-Based Nutrition

Our approach to eating is simple, eat when you’re hungry, eat until satisfied and drink plenty of water. Now a days, nutrition is such a complicated topic. Most people avoid talking about it like they avoid talking about religion or politics. But honestly, we all instinctually know what’s good and what’s bad for our bodies and the more you work on improving yourself physically, the nutrition aspect follows.

The Monkey Bar Gym promotes a plant strong lifestyle. We follow some of the most renowned nutritionists, scientists, athletes and doctors, like Dr. T. Colin Campbell author of The China Study and Dr. Fred Bisci author of Your Healthy Journey. Although we promote a plant strong nutrition program we also realize that everyone is on their own path to optimal health. Some people feel they can’t live without the pairing of Chenin Blanc and Camembert cheese every weekend or that they can’t live without scrambled eggs, bacon and toast in the morning.

Whatever the case, it’s your path, not ours. As long as you’re adding more plant foods to your eating habits along with more water, you’re on the path to a more healthy you, regardless if you eat 50% plants and 50% whatever else or 90% plants, 10% whatever else. The thing is can you move to eating more greens, more plants and less animals and processed foods? Taking just this little step not only helps make a healthier you it reduces carbon emissions and global warming. It also helps to reduce or reverse the five majors diseases of humans, like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and brain diseases.