We build lasting,

member relationships

Monkey Bar Gym is committed to our people. In fact, our logo literally means "People Helping People." Our culture revolves around the MBG community because that's what means the most to us. Our clients are our friends and some even become as close as family. We are not just a gym, we are a place for you to connect.


Member Testimonials

profile-kyle-cKYLE C.

Monkey Bar Gym has changed my life on a personal and athletic level. The trainers are knowledgeable and constantly find ways to challenge me to perform better, while also motivating and coaching me toward a healthier lifestyle. Since joining Monkey Bar Gym, I have seen a significant increase in strength, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly, self confidence!

SARAH W.profile-sarah-w

I've never been disciplined or motivated to work out, until I found Monkey Bar Gym. That was three years ago and I can't imagine my life without MBG. MBG has given me the structure & motivation to transform my body, and my life. Now, working out is part of my routine and I look forward to it. This is due to the awesome trainers & members who are always encouraging and provide feedback to make myself better. I love MBG! 



I’ve never experienced a gym like MBG. Classes are filled with highly intense uniquely fun workouts. And, the trainers are truly passionate about what they do. MBG’s uniqueness lies in their philosophy of using the body as the main source resistance and the use of equipment as more like a tool, rather than the main focus. The workouts bring you back to childhood memories of being on the playground. Being a member has been as rewarding as it has been fun.



The best decision I’ve made for myself was becoming a member at Monkey Bar Gym. It has helped me develop my physical strength, recover from injuries cause by a car accident, lose over 20 pounds and helped me find my self confidence. It is a gym unlike any other. The gym itself will not change you, but if you are willing to commit, then everyone at the gym is ready to support you.



Joining MBG is the best decision I have made for my health. After years of sporadic visits to a regular gym, I was no longer making progress or maintaining my weight. I had gained 10 lbs over winter and was not feeling like my spry self any longer. I signed up for MBG in 2013 & have been going 4-6x a week. I cancelled my other gym within 1 month after seeing the benefits and I am now getting into "the zone" that I had been looking for.



One of my favorite things about Monkey Bar Gym Milwaukee are the trainers, yoga instructors and everyone who works there. They make you feel like they have known you forever! They are your friends!!! And your enemies :)) And it is the greatest place to enjoy an awesome workout!




Since joining Monkey Bar Gym, the concept of a gym has completely changed in my mind. Not only does MBG provide challenging and unique workouts, but it also provides a sense of community. The people, trainers, and facility is what keeps me coming back everyday. With the support of MBG I was able to get in the best shape of my life and make a great lifestyle change.



Working out at Monkey Bar Gym has helped make me physically and mentally stronger. I feel great and love being a part of the MBG family. The trainers are extremely helpful and motivating. Pushing yourself among people of all ages and all ability levels is very inspiring.




MBG is not your ordinary gym. The unique programs & various progressions lets anyone (regardless of age, gender, current physical condition) achieve their individual fitness goals. Though I am beyond my prime, training with those who are half my age and being able to “hang” with them have given me the incentive to keep on going as long as my body allows me. I highly recommend MBG for those who want to get fit & stay fit the “natural” way!



MBG is the best gym I have ever been a part of! I was sold after my first class! The trainers are amazing at what they do and they truly care & want you to succeed. MBG has changed my attitude towards working out- If I have to miss a day I can't wait to get back! The best part is that the workouts are always changing so I never get bored. MGB has become such an important part of my everyday routine & I can't imagine my life without it!



I was a former gym slacker, until MBG… I have been a member of Monkey Bar since 2011 and I appreciate that I can just show up and have someone tell me what to do. Weight loss was not my primary goal, but in addition to adding muscle, strength and endurance, I’ve shed 15 pounds. I go to MBG so I can eat what I want. It allows me to live a lifestyle I enjoy.



I'm not sure I could ever go back to a regular gym again. MBG takes a mind/body approach unparalleled to anything I have experienced. The classes provide ways to train for all levels, ages, and abilities. It has been a fun, exciting, and challenging way to transform my body & health. And, I have also made many wonderful friends. Bottom line, MBG has an amazing approach and it's constantly evolving on the fundamentals of which the gym was built upon.



Monkey Bar Gym has given me the opportunity to become a better athlete and live a healthier lifestyle. I was used to going to a typical gym and doing a routine work out, but Monkey Bar has given me the extra boost needed to break out of my comfort zone and see the change I was looking for. The team/class environment makes you push yourself and enjoy coming to work out.



Great staff, trainers, and classes! I couldn't be more pleased! Due to multiple surgeries, back, knee replacement, and multiples on both shoulders, I haven’t been able to work out successfully in over 20 years. Jeff suggested that I start with yoga. I never knew that yoga was actually a workout! I loved it! I could feel every muscle getting stronger. MBG tailors every workout to any level, so I was able to keep up and continue to get stronger.

profile-scott-hSCOTT H.

Monkey Bar Gym...with a name like that, you know that this is not your typical gym! With every class, each exercise is broken into separate levels, from the most basic to very advanced. This makes sure that there is something for everyone to do, regardless of your skill level. The instructors are constantly encouraging you & pushing you to succeed. If you are looking for a challenge, something different, I highly recommend you check it out!



I've been a member at MBG for the past 18 months, and it's by far the best gym I've ever attended. I've always lived an active and healthy lifestyle but MBG was the change I needed to see the results I've always strived for. The workouts change daily which keeps me motivated and coming back everyday.

MARTY M.profile-marty-m

Thanks to MBG I feel like I am living up to my body’s full potential. I am stronger, healthier and love the changes I am seeing in my body. MBG is more than a gym, its a lifestyle, and I love being a part of it.


profile-casey-eCASEY E.

I've never been one with the treadmill & it was really starting to show. There was only so much progress I could make on my own, & when I hit a wall, it was so discouraging. I knew I had to do something or I would have lost what I'd already accomplished. Joining MBG has seriously been the single best thing I've ever done for myself. It's changed the way I eat, the way I look, & most importantly how I feel. I will never go back to a regular gym.